How are you shaping the future?

Health and sport research contributes to the advancement of knowledge, improving our understanding of strategies and systems that may enhance human performance and improve overall health outcomes. Research has the potential to promote new discoveries, training methodologies or interventions that positively impact people’s lives and shape the future of health and sport through a scientific lens. 

How did you get to where you are?
I have always been passionate about health and sport, and scientific thinking always made sense to me. In saying that, I wasn’t the best at the subject at school. Starting university and eventually submitting my PhD thesis provided me with an entirely new perspective on the way we gain and apply our knowledge, and working in health and sport made everything feel aligned. I followed whatever felt right!

How do you want to drive change in your industry?
The science and research industry encourages change by challenging existing boundaries, advocating for inclusivity, driving innovation and fostering collaboration. By promoting new ideas and challenging norms, science and research open up avenues for progressive ideas, and accessible and impactful solutions for the future. 

What’s your advice to someone wanting to get into your field?
My first advice is to always follow your passion, and believe in yourself. You are not restricted by the phase of life you’re in or the limitations you and others put on you. 

Once you know what you like, start cultivating a strong foundation for your work, whether that is through education, experience or networking. Connecting with people and putting yourself in positions for internships or volunteer opportunities are priceless and so helpful. If you’re lucky enough to know what you want to do, finding a mentor that will foster and support your learning will also propel you forward into what is a very diverse and dynamic field. The best thing about science is that there is always more to know, and always a place for you. 

Where do you hope to be a few years from now?
I hope to be making a meaningful difference, and using research and science to implement practical solutions that help people first hand. I am passionate about working in a university and in education and using knowledge as a powerful tool to connect people. If there is anything I have learnt throughout my undergraduate and PhD degrees over the past 7 years, is that life is unpredictable, and science can lend itself to showing you paths forward you didn't think were even possible. I'm showing up everyday as the best version of myself, with kindness and an eagerness to learn. 




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