Flaunt your fashion flair with our stylish vest collection. From classic denim vests to double-breasted, textured, blended linen, and soft rib, our vests add a dash of feminine sophistication to any outfit - perfect for layering or standing out!

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How to Style Vests for Layered Perfection

Styling vests are all about layering for that perfect, effortless look. Whether you’re after a casual but chic vibe or a sophisticated feminine aura, pairing a vest with the right clothing can complete your look. From winter to summer and from everyday glam to casual elegance, a well-styled vest can be your go-to for layered perfection in every season and occasion. So grab your vests, Australia, and let’s get styling!

What is the Point of Wearing a Vest?

Wearing a vest is all about adding that extra layer of style and functionality to your outfit. Vests are like the secret sauce in fashion – they can transform a simple look into something more interesting and put-together. Here’s why vests have become a staple in modern fashion:

  • Style: Whether as outerwear or workwear, vests add an extra layer to your outfit, making it more visually interesting. They can transform a basic look into something more stylish and put-together.
  • Warmth: They provide warmth to your core without the bulkiness of a full jacket. This makes vests ideal for transitional weather or for indoor environments where you need just a bit of extra warmth.
  • Versatility: Vests come in various styles and fabrics, making them suitable for a range of occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.
  • Freedom of Movement: Unlike full-sleeve jackets, vests keep your arms free, offering comfort and ease of movement.
  • Practicality: Many vests come with useful features like pockets, making them practical for carrying small items like wallets and cellphones.

The Basics of Vest Styling

Vests aren’t just for warmth. They’re a style statement. The right vest can take your casual outfit from plain to fabulous. So before we delve into specific vest styles, here are some vest styling basics to keep in mind:

  1. Layering is Key: Vests are perfect for layering. Throw one over a tee or singlet, or under a soft-shell jacket. It adds warmth without the bulk of a puffer jacket or a chunky knitwear.
  2. Balance Your Outfit: If your vest is bulky, pair it with slimmer bottoms like leggings or chinos. For a thinner vest, you can go with something more relaxed like jeans or sweats.
  3. Play with Colours: Mix and match colours. A neutral vest works with almost anything, while a colourful one can brighten up a simple outfit.
  4. Accessorise Wisely: Scarves, hats, and even a pair of cool sunglasses can upgrade your vest look. Choose accessories that complement but don't overpower.
  5. Consider the Weather: In the unpredictable Australian weather, a vest is your perfect ally. Go for versatile styles that can adapt to sudden changes, from breezy afternoons to cooler evenings.
  6. Experiment with Fit: Try different fits to see what works for you. Some might prefer a snug fit, while others might like their vests a bit roomy.

Mix, Match, and Dazzle in Every Occasion

Casual Outings

Choose vests in casual materials that are perfect for a casual yet stylish look, like some of our best sellers:

Wear these vests over t-shirts, casual blouses, or lightweight sweaters. This adds an interesting layer and versatility to your outfit. Pair it with jeans, leggings or skirts. The key is comfort and personal style. Complete your outfit with stylish sunglasses and casual footwear like sneakers, ankle boots, or sandals.

Everyday Wear

Vests are a fabulous addition to any wardrobe. Opt for vests in comfortable fabrics like linen, cotton, or light fleece. Versatile pieces like The Linen Blend vests, with their comfortable fabrics, are not only practical but also easy to style with various outfits. While the soft-ribbed Heidi vest is all about comfort with a splash of fun and fashion - perfect for everyday wear.

These vests pair wonderfully with different bottoms. Team them with jeans for a timeless appeal, leggings for ultimate comfort, or a casual skirt for a playful, feminine vibe. To personalise your outfit, accessorise with simple items like a casual watch, a delicate necklace, or a pair of stylish sunglasses. And for footwear, choose something that marries comfort with style, like sneakers, flat ankle boots, or ballet flats.

Finding the Flattering Fit for Your Body Shape

Another factor to consider when choosing and styling a vest is your body shape. Each body type has its unique qualities, and the right vest should not only flatter your shape but also reflect your personal style.

  • Pear-Shaped Body: For those with a pear-shaped body, the goal is to balance your proportions by drawing attention upwards. Opt for vests with details like wider collars or embellishments around the shoulders. A vest that ends just below the waist is ideal, as it won't add extra volume to your hips. It's also important to avoid tight fits around the hip area; instead, choose a style that gently skims over your lower body for a flattering look.
  • Apple-Shaped Body: If you have an apple-shaped body, creating an illusion of a waistline can be beneficial. Look for vests that come with waist ties or belts to cinch in at the waist. Longer vests that end around the hips or thighs can create a slimmer silhouette.
  • Hourglass Figure: Highlighting your natural waist is key. Choose vests that cinch at the waist or come with a belt. A well-fitted vest that follows the contours of your body will accentuate your shape beautifully.
  • Athletic or Rectangular Body: If you have an athletic or rectangular body shape, adding curves is often the aim. Layering a fitted vest over a blouse or dress can also help add dimension to your outfit. Textured fabrics can bring interest and volume to your upper body, enhancing your overall look.
  • Petite Frame: For those with a petite frame, proportion is key. Choose vests that are not overly long – cropped styles or those that hit the hip work well. Slimmer fits are preferable to avoid overwhelming your smaller stature. Vests with vertical quilting or seams can help elongate your figure, creating a taller appearance.
  • Plus Size Figures: A-line cuts can be particularly flattering for plus size frames. Vests that can be worn open tend to create a slimming vertical line. It's best to avoid styles with bulky pockets or too much embellishment, as these can add unnecessary bulk. Instead, look for sleek, minimal designs for a chic look.

Perfect Pairings for Your Vest

The right accessories can really make your vest (and your outfit) pop. Here are some of the best accessories to complement your vest:

  • Ties and Scarves: Add a silk scarf for a touch of elegance. It's a great way to introduce colour or pattern.
  • Watches and Jewellery: Choose a sleek watch or some fun bracelets. They add a bit of sparkle without overwhelming your look.
  • Hats: A bucket hat or a fedora can be super stylish. They're perfect for adding personality to your outfit.
  • Shirts and Blouses: Pair your vest with a crisp shirt or a flowing blouse. This creates a nice contrast and adds sophistication.
  • Trousers and Skirts: Skinny jeans or a cute skirt work well with vests. They balance the look and keep it feminine.

Remember, the goal is to have fun with your style. Accessories can transform your vest from a simple layer to a standout piece in your outfit. So, mix, match, and create a look that's uniquely you!

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