How are you shaping the future?

I’m shaping the future by bringing positive change within my designs. 

I’m hoping that the work I create helps to empower people, whoever you may be- to be the person you want to be.  As a designer, I want to make the world a more enjoyable, fun, and safe place for everyone.

How did you get to where you are?
I’ve always been a creative person at heart. Throughout my life, I’ve always struggled with depression and anxiety, and I found that design saved me. It was always something constant that I could rely on and I believe I truly strived in life when I was creative. 

Getting to where I am today was a hard road with a lot of ups and downs. I didn’t believe in myself and my work for a long time, however, hard work and dedication changed my mindset to go out and chase my dreams. 

My family and friends love for my work was the biggest motivation for me and I thank them every day for their continuous support. 

How do you want to drive change in your industry?
As a young woman in the design field, I'm passionate about making a distinctive mark and driving positive change. 

I aspire to bring a fresh perspective to the field, advocating for inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. I want to challenge traditional norms and break down barriers through my work by creating a community that values diversity, embraces innovation, and prioritises sustainability.

What’s your advice to someone wanting to get into your field?
My advice for someone wanting to get into the design field is to just go for it! 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve studied design, or just starting out, if you are passionate about it and love creating then there is nothing holding you back. 

Social media has helped me grow so much, not just in my work, but as a person as well. Keep posting your work and keep creating. It doesn’t matter how many likes you get or how many followers you have, if you are truly in love with creating then you will go far.  

Where do you hope to be a few years from now?
In a few years from now, I hope that my work has changed someone’s life in a positive way, even if it’s just a little bit. I hope that I have continued to grow my platform where people feel safe and can be themselves. And finally, I hope that I’m happy and living my best life because that’s all that matters in the end.




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