We all know a new top isn’t going to change your life or make you a better person. But finding the outfit that looks great on you and can be your own hype girl, gives you the confidence to express the ‘you’ you want to be today. We believe that fashion is less about fitting in and more about reflecting your own creativity, individuality and identity. Difference doesn’t scare us: we’ll never tell you what to wear – just give you options to do you.

We design all our clothes, our jewellery and shoes and makeup, bags and phone cases – everything – so that you can wake up and choose what path to take, who to be today, tonight, tomorrow. You decide.

So this ‘about us’ is really about ‘u’ (gettit?) – we do us, by empowering and elevating the true you . So you get to be the 10/10 you need to be today.



Australia (and the world) is more diverse, connected and yet more divided than ever before. We’re the most switched-on and plugged-in we’ve ever been. And we want to continue to build up our own communities. Never has it been easier to forge connections – or facelessly tear something or someone down – so we’re about celebrating our sisterhood, our togetherness. When everyone’s experiences are different and unique and at times daunting (hello intersectional feminism (google it)), we want to give our platform over to you guys so we can stay connected.

We want you to find your place in it – in the Sportsgirl tribe. Our Be That Girl campaigns are about finding a moment for girls to share their stories, thoughts and questions around identity.

We exist to inspire all girls to find the inner confidence to express themselves freely. That’s our mantra. Everyone who works with us knows it. Whether it’s designing clothes or deciding who to collaborate with, that’s what we live by. We don’t live in a cookie cutter world, where one style fits all.


That’s our mantra. Hold us to it.



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