Every day, The Butterfly Foundation does incredible work to assist eating disorder sufferers and promote positive body image – now that’s a cause we’re very proud to support.

Sportsgirl and the Butterfly Foundation would like to thank all our generous customers and team members who have assisted us to raise over $3.2 million which has enabled Butterfly to directly support more than 100,000 Australian’s with an eating disorder or negative body image issues.


In 2016, Sportsgirl celebrated a 10-year partnership with the Butterfly Foundation and funded the refurbishment of Butterfly House which is now the home for the recently launched Child and Adolescent Day Program for Eating Disorders. This is NSW’s first in-community multi-disciplinary treatment program, developed and delivered for children and young adults battling eating disorders.


Through your donations, we have also been able to assist the Butterfly Foundation with establishing a range of other initiatives such as a National Support Line, the Butterfly Wing at the Sydney Children’s Westmead hospital, digital platform, and direct financial relief grants. We are currently working with the Butterfly Foundation on their Recovery Support Program in Townsville and Adelaide.


You can continue to support Butterfly through the purchase of our Butterfly products available in store or online. Every time you buy an accessory from our Butterfly Range, you’re helping us raise vital funds for The Butterfly Foundation to promote positive body image and bring hope to Australians with eating disorders and their families. 



In 2006, Sportsgirl staff around the country nominated negative body image and eating disorders as the issue that is most important to them and their friends. This inevitably led to our incredible ongoing partnership with The Butterfly Foundation, so we could do our bit to raise awareness and funds for this issue.


Sportsgirl is proud to be the first Australian fashion retailer to make a public statement of commitment to positive body image. Through our permanent capsule collection of accessories, special team member training and positive store policies, we’re tackling this issue every step of the way.



After obesity and asthma, eating disorders are the most common illness in females aged 15 – 24 and Anorexia Nervosa is the most serious of all psychiatric illnesses in Australia. It has even been diagnosed in children as young as 8 with 75% of cases starting before the age of 16. Bulimia Nervosa more commonly affects older teenagers and young adults.


The earlier the intervention, the higher the chance of a strong recovery. Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice nor are they just about food or weight – there are so many other factors, like anxiety, low self-esteem, identity and lack of direction.


For more information, be sure to drop by The Butterfly Foundation’s official website.



At Sportsgirl, it’s not about size; it’s about health, both in the body and mind. Our brand is, and has always been, about healthy, confident girls, whether they’re our team members, customers or Sportsgirl models.


We recognise dieting and low self esteem are the greatest risk factors to developing eating disorders and we take our responsibilities as a leading fashion retailer and employer of young women seriously.


Sportsgirl has a unique opportunity to influence perceptions in a positive way and is acting on that. Our commitment to positive body image covers the following four areas:



When recruiting, firstly we look for a particular set of skills, attributes and competencies relevant to the position. Secondly we look for good self esteem, self pride and a person who is well presented. An applicant’s size is never a consideration.


Across Sportsgirl we employ over 1000 people. We recognise that from time to time some of our own team members may need help with issues around eating disorders and negative body image. Our Store Managers receive training in “what to look for as early indicators of negative body image” and “how best to support team members who display concerning behaviours”. In the event that a Sportsgirl team member presents with concerning behaviours. One of our Business Manager’s will intervene and provide access to specialized counselling and support.


Our induction program provides educational information which includes practical tips for those who may be at risk. New team members are informed about our commitment to positive body image and the initiatives that reduce risk of negative body perceptions. We hope this will assist our team members, and their friends and family.


We implement and continually review our store policies to set good examples.


The Butterfly Foundation provides us with information, education/training and advice to ensure we remain informed, aware and responsive.



We stock clothing in sizes 6 to 16 which reflects the demand from our customers.


We continually review our customer styling program to ensure our training includes the most appropriate language and conversation with our customers in regards to positive body image, and to ensure our team members understand that it is not about size, it is about finding what works best for our customers body shape and that all body shapes & sizes are beautiful.


It is a requirement of Sportsgirl’s Quality Control Manager to spend considerable ‘first hand” time in the fitting rooms of our stores, gaining customer feedback on the fit of our garments to ensure we provide consistency in sizing.



We refuse to use underweight or extremely thin models.  Our models must have a healthy appearance and range from size 8 – 10.



In direct response to those who work at Sportsgirl about the growing prevalence of Eating Disorders and Depression in Australia, our community support is focused on actively promoting and supporting positive body image.


Sportsgirl is the major fashion partner of The Butterfly Foundation, a non profit organisation dedicated to changing the culture, policy and practice in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Sportsgirl raises new awareness and money in a bold and courageous way through our stores, to enable The Butterfly Foundation to take action, deliver advice and provide support across Australia in its quest for social change.


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