Madi is a Digital Animator and Designer and owner of Madi Paige Designs. Her animations are fresh, fun and bright and she hopes that ultimately her designs will create a sense of positivity and optimism. Her goal is to create an online community in which people feel free and safe to express themselves.

We spoke to her about the creative process behind the designs she created for Akec and Rani’s /IMAGINE FUTURES.

“My creative process includes a lot of researching images and experimentation!! Modeling in 3D for me always starts with sketching the idea first so I can have a visual representation of what I want the final product to look like. Colour is my favourite part of the creative process as it brings the work to life!! You can truly capture so many different emotions just through colour and texture which I think is truly amazing.

I wanted to capture Akec's South Sudanese culture and love of sport within the elements I designed, reflecting the colours of the Sudanese national flag and also bring to life the incredible achievements within Akec’s career. 

I combined my love of fun and colourful designs with Rani's love of science to create her final elements, showcasing the positive change that Rani wants to bring to the world.”mselves. And finally, I hope that I’m happy and living my best life because that’s all that matters in the end.




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