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It’ll be a good hair day every day with our hair brushes & combs for styling, smoothing and detangling your mane to perfection. Shop brushes and combs for all hair types with paddle brushes, styling brushes, scalp massagers and wide tooth combs.

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Find the perfect wide tooth comb for managing Marilyn-style curls

Big, bouncy curls need the right TLC to maintain their bombshell beauty, and we’ve got the answer for you. Whether your curls are natural or styled with a curler, a wide tooth comb is your BFF when it comes to keeping curls glossy, intact and minus the frizz. As the name suggests, wide tooth combs have teeth that are set further apart than your regular combs so that they can glide through thick, curly and even frizzy hair without breaking up the curl pattern and causing chaos. Use them on dry hair or as a wet detangler in the shower to remove pesky knots without breakage.

We’ve got dual ended wide tooth combs in a fun mint green colour to enhance your hair care routine. These combs are an ideal addition to your existing collection of hair care essentials, complementing items like a comb set and hair treatments. Incorporate one into your ritual to help maintain your Hollywood-worthy curls both day and night!

Shop the best accessories for styling your hair

Our holy grail hair stylers deserve a place alongside your other can't-live-without self care essentials, such as electricals, razors, hair clippers and hair remover creams. If you’ve already got a round brush, teasing brush, wet brush, dry brush, radial brush, boar bristle brush and metal tail comb, it's time to take your collection up a notch with these trending beauty tools and hair accessories:

  • Detangling combs
  • Paddle brushes
  • Massage shampoo brushes
  • Microfibre headbands
  • Colourful hair elastics
  • Hair scrunchies
  • Hair clips
  • Mini and maxi hair claw clips

Shop aesthetic hair brushes and combs from Sportsgirl

Who said hair tools can’t keep your locks looking gorgeous while looking good, too? Sportsgirl hair brushes and combs are cute and colourful while being pros at hair styling and hair care for any hair type or hair colour. Make a statement on your bathroom counter with these beauties:

  • Holographic paddle brushes with a blue cushion and chunky silver glitter
  • Smoothing oval hair brushes in mint green
  • Soft bristle styling brushes in lilac and blue
  • Detangling hair brushes in purple
  • Gradient paddle brushes in the pink and lilac
  • Dual ended detangling combs in mint green
  • Styling tail combs in blue and pink
  • Scalp massage shampoo brushes in apricot/lilac, pink/mint and neon pink

Discover paddle brushes for thick & long hair

When it comes to styling brushes that do it all, the paddle brush is right up there. Rather than creating a volumising effect, these pretty workhorses work their magic to smooth hair into a sleek, glossy mane (causing serious hair envy in others). Perfect for those with naturally long and straight hair, they can also be used on hair that has been straightened with a hair straightener as well as other hair types. But that’s not all - they’re also a boss at detangling wet or dry hair and creating swoon-worthy styles when blow-drying with hair dryers and styling products.

Check out our travel-sized paddle brush in gradient pink and lilac – it's the only one you'll need! This unique brush combines style with functionality for on-the-go grooming. Set your style with hair spray and you’re good to go!

Stimulate your hair follicles with a scalp massager

Treat your scalp to the ultimate pamper session with our massage shampoo brushes. These miracle workers bring a luxurious spa treatment right into your own home with specially crafted bristles that gently massage the scalp to improve circulation, stimulate new hair growth, revitalise your locks and exfoliate dead skin cells to minimise dandruff and frizz. The result = your smoothest, shiniest, healthiest hair yet!

Indulge in our other beauty and skincare essentials at Sportsgirl, including moisturisers, scrubs, lip balms and serums to glow from head to toe.

Use a detangling brush for knotty hair

Put a little sparkle into your hair care ritual by using a glammed up brush made for detangling and smoothing. Our gradient paddle brush is great for everyday smoothing, styling and detangling dry hair but can also be used as a wet detangler in the shower to remove knots and distribute shampoo and conditioner more evenly.

Wide tooth hair combs are also champions when it comes to smoothing knots without breakage. Unlike other styling combs, such as a tail comb with fine teeth set closely together, these combs have teeth set further apart for easily gliding through locks and creating silky smooth manes.

Find hair accessories, sunglasses, clothing and more at Sportsgirl

From lazy days to fun days out, we’ve got you covered with our massive range of women’s clothing and accessories to suit every occasion and mood. Browse online or in-store and pop these new favourites onto your wishlist:

Shop beauty gift sets for the perfect present

Give the gift of beauty to your BFF with self-care and beauty gift sets. When one isn’t enough, surprise your bestie with a multi-pack of colourful hair elastics, hair clips or scrunchies in super cute colours. Fast-track the morning makeup session with our makeup brush sets or dazzle with stick-on gem and jewel sets.

Left it to the last minute? It’s no problem with our gift cards that hand the choice over to your friends and can be dropped straight into their inbox for right-now spending!

How do you care for hair brushes and combs?

The best way to keep your hair brushes & combs in top condition is to give them a good clean around once a week. This will prevent styling products like dry shampoo, mousse, wax and fragrances from building up and causing bacteria.

Take off any hair from the brush or comb. Fill a bowl with warm, soapy water and gently scrub your brushes and combs with an old toothbrush to remove any debris.

Where can I buy hair brushes and combs?

Sportsgirl is your one-stop-shop for best selling hair brushes & combs in Australia! We’ve got the hair tools you need to smooth, style, detangle and stimulate your locks for healthy, shiny and happy hair every day. From paddle brushes to scalp massagers and detangling combs, shop them today and checkout online with speedy free delivery over $80 to anywhere in Australia.

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