How does music make you feel?
Playing the saxophone is like stepping into a whole other world for me. It's like a workout for my creative brain, challenging and invigorating. What takes it to the next level is making music with others. I thrive on the collaborative energy of being in a band, jamming with fellow musicians—it's an unmatched euphoria that solo playing just can't replicate.

What has sound and music brought to your life?
I always joke with my friends that if I ever skipped a day of music, something must be seriously wrong. Music is basically my daily fuel. The moment I open my eyes, I hit play on my morning Spotify lineup. While some people scroll through social media to wake up, I prefer music, although sometimes I do both (guilty)! My playlist choices change depending on the occasion and mood. Need a running boost? It's all about high BPM beats syncing with my footsteps, pushing me forward. When I need to buckle down and focus, you'll find me in the zone with a soothing jazz playlist.

Also, my dad is the reason I got into playing an instrument. He's a natural with the guitar, and it's become this awesome bonding thing for us. It's not just about the music; it's a way for us to connect and share something special.

What inspires your sound?
Honestly, I'm still in the process of discovering my unique sound on the saxophone. It's not something that happens overnight; various factors contribute to shaping your distinct 'sound.' I have a bunch of saxophonists I admire and aim to emulate, but the magic lies in the fact that I'll never sound exactly like them. Everyone has their own style and playing approach, making it impossible to replicate completely, and that's what makes it so enchanting. Some musical pieces I prefer to play with a sweet and gentle touch, while others, I love belting out with intensity. The anticipation of finding my own 'sound' is pretty exciting; I imagine it'll be a magical moment when it finally happens.

What inspired the tracks behind your soundwave and how does it represent you?
My playlists are a diverse reflection of my mood and vibes at any given moment. I don't have a favourite genre; instead, I appreciate a wide range of musical styles. In my playlist, you'll find everything from timeless classics that evoke a sense of nostalgia to my favourite saxophone pieces, and even more recent tunes that have caught my ear. This playlist is more than just a collection of songs; this soundwave is a musical snapshot that represents me in all my diverse tastes and moods.

How has music built a sense of community for you?

Since relocating to Melbourne five years ago for university, I took a hiatus from playing the saxophone. Throughout that time, there was a persistent feeling of something missing, and deep down, I always knew it was the joy of playing and creating music. The moment I picked up the saxophone again, it was an overwhelming experience—I even shed a few tears. Having music back in my life felt incredibly fulfilling. I've had the privilege of meeting some phenomenal musicians, including my saxophone teacher, who introduced me to fantastic jazz clubs in the area. The idea of starting a band with some talented friends has even crossed my mind!

Listen to Naomi’s soundwave here




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