How does music make you feel?

It allows me TO feel! And in doing so allows others to feel as well! (I hope, haha!) Every scope of emotion revolves around me playing/producing music. From utter joy, grief, anxiety, elation and back again.  

What has sound and music brought to your life?

I think above all else, a platform to connect. To resonate with others through the power of music is honestly, somethingggg-else! I feel grateful everyday that I get to do what I do and strive hour-by-hour to keep momentum alive.  

What inspires your sound? 

The people I surround myself with, the things I read, the conversations I have, the things I listen to, the events that have occurred in my life. The list is endless and I constantly endeavour to seek inspiration, well, everywhere. 

What inspired the tracks behind your soundwave and how does it represent you? 

I adored putting my SG Soundwave together - it is an eclectic mix of me! Records I grew up on, current records I’m loving, records I wish I wrote, and a bunch I did, or have remixed. Happy listening!     

How has music built a sense of community for you?

For me, the people I work alongside - from DJs, producers, managers, agents, record labels - they’re more than colleagues or even friends, they’re family. This then translates to listeners and those on dance-floors across the country, as it all starts with a group of passionate people who have a sense of community about them. And want to build that together.

Listen to Mell’s Soundwave here 

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