How does music make you feel?

It makes me feel incredibly connected to my true calling, it’s my favourite way of expressing myself. Sometimes I find it easier than talking. 

What has sound and music brought to your life?

Sound and music are my life. They have brought my truest friendships and a way to heal a stranger. It’s where I feel most powerful. 

What inspires your sound?

What inspires my sound is artists that make music that inspires people to do good for the world, also everything going on in the world. 

What inspired the tracks behind your soundwave and how does it represent you?

I picked all the favourite sounds of what I listen to. Mostly random choices but that’s the way my music style works. Very random but also with heartfelt lyrics. 

How has music built a sense of community for you?

It has brought all of my community together. We all support each-other and grow together. It’s where I’ve grown with some incredible friends and found strength in my uniqueness. 

Listen to Maya’s soundwave here

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