The future is ready for you to shape it however you want it. This month we invited Rani to Akec to tell us exactly what an imagined future in their field looks like & had Madi Paige bring that to life in the form of digital designs. What does your /imagined future look like?

In imagining my hopeful and optimistic future as the first African woman to be drafted in the AFL, I envision a transformative journey that goes far beyond my personal achievements. 

As a trailblazer, my success was able to break down barriers and challenge long-standing stereotypes, inspiring countless young African and South Sudanese girls to pursue their dreams in sports. The job is not done yet, and I want to ensure female athletes from my backgrounds are represented in the highest levels of sports.

I became a symbol of empowerment, showing that gender should never limit our potential or opportunities. Through my achievements, I have strived to create a shift in societal perceptions, fostering a more inclusive and equal playing field for women in sports.

I have actively worked towards dismantling the barriers that have historically prevented African and South Sudanese women from participating in sports as I faced those challenges myself growing up and I saw a real opportunity to use my own story as a vehicle for these young women to use to push them towards their dreams. I have been advocating for increased access to training programs, and mentorship opportunities. By doing so, I have seen a vibrant and supportive community emerge that encourages young girls to embrace their athletic abilities and pursue their passions fearlessly.

Moreover, my success over the years has served as a catalyst for change, sparking conversations about gender equality, diversity, and representation in the sporting world. I have seen men and people in the community celebrate my sporting journey and the journey of the upcoming generation of trailblazers.

I will always use my platform to amplify voices, advocate for policy changes, and promote inclusivity at all levels.

Ultimately, my hopeful vision for the future is one where African and South Sudanese women are celebrated and respected for their athletic prowess, where opportunities are abundant, and where dreams are within reach for all. I want women to have access to sports , education and resources. For transport and sports fees to never be a problem for these women, for community and family support is there from day one to enable them to thrive.

Through my journey, I aspire to inspire a generation of young girls to believe in themselves, challenge societal norms, and embrace their full potential on and off the field.

About the designer:
Madi Paige - Digital Animator & Designer
Madi is a Digital Animator and Designer and owner of Madi Paige Designs. Her animations are fresh, fun and bright and she hopes that ultimately her designs will create a sense of positivity and optimism. Her goal is to create an online community in which people feel free and safe to express themselves.

“My creative process includes a lot of researching images and experimentation!! Modeling in 3D for me always starts with sketching the idea first so I can have a visual representation of what I want the final product to look like. Colour is my favourite part of the creative process as it brings the work to life!! You can truly capture so many different emotions just through colour and texture which I think is truly amazing."

We spoke to her about the creative process behind the designs she created for Akec /IMAGINE FUTURES.
"I wanted to capture Akec's South Sudanese culture and love of sport within the elements I designed, reflecting the colours of the Sudanese national flag and also bring to life the incredible achievements within Akec’s career."




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