After being struck with the challenges of not being able to walk or move for months, Nikka turned her pain into her power. She wrote her first book ‘Every Body’s Bootiful’ which is made up of a collection of heartfelt messages written to inspire women to love themselves unconditionally and remind them of their worth. ‘Every Body’s Bootiful’ doubles as both a beautiful coffee table piece, and a book that you can turn to whenever you need love and guidance. 

Here’s to Nikka!

What are you most proud of this year?

This year, I am most proud of myself for turning my pain into my power. Last year,

I lost my ability to walk and during this time I wrote my very first book.

This year I learnt…

…that ‘my uniqueness is my superpower’. As when we show up as our unapologetic self, we inspire others to do the same.

What are you most excited about for next year?

I am most excited to continue following wherever my heart leads me, and to continue practising self-love and celebration.

Next year I’d like to see…

…more people celebrating themselves and their bodies, and following the path that feels most aligned for them. There is honestly nothing more special than seeing another human shining their light and doing what makes them happy.

What are you saying “Here’s To” this year?

I am saying ‘’Here’s To” every little speed bump, test and curveball I have been thrown over the past few years. While at the time it can be hard to see the light amongst the dark clouds dimming any bit of hope or positivity – I have really learnt that all these different challenges I have faced have been leading me to something even greater than the plan I had mapped out for myself.

You can purchase Nikka’s book Everybody’s Bootiful here.




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